HumaLoop T

REF 961000

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Easy-to-use LoopampTM technology for primary and district laboratories

Elimination of TB requires appropriate technology that can be used in rural and remote areas. With HumaLoop T the sensitive and accurate molecular detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis bacterium complex can be facilitated on a consolidated platform in order to replace smear microscopy.

  • For small to medium throughput: up to 16 samples/run or ? 130 results/day
  • Preinstalled and fixed incubation times and temperatures for LoopampTM MTBC Detection Kit
  • Consolidated processing: sample preparation, amplification and detection on a single instrument
  • Explicit interpretation by visual reading of fluorescence signals 
  • Results in < 1 h


HuMax ITA micro centrifuge for incubation, mixing and centrifugation of Loopamp™ reaction tubes.

HuMax ITA Micro Centrifuge980000
HumaLoop T

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