Point of Care Diagnostics

Fast and reliable results for immediate decisions

HUMAN's point-of-care systems offer rapid results and ease of use in conjunction with high accuracy and precision.

The HumaSens multi parameter systems provide measurement of total cholesterol (CHOL), uric acid (UA) and glucose (GLU) with unprecedented speed, resulting in an efficient lab-in-your-palm for essential risk markers. All you need is a capillary whole blood sample of just 1 µl (UA and GLU) or 10 µl (CHOL).

The compact hemoglobin meter HumaMeter Hb Plus provides - without calibration and after only 10 seconds measurement time! - results with an excellent correlation to the reference method. Moreover, its reagent cuvettes and controls are extremely stable and have a shelf life of three years. 

HumaMeter A1c measures the important diabetes parameter for diagnosis and monitoring glycated hemoglobin HbA1c at the point of care. It is very easy to operate and provides highly accurate results within only 4 minutes!

All of Human's point-of-care systems are designed for reliability and ease of use.