LoopampTM Services

HUMAN and its partners provide on-site support for installation, training and maintenance of the systems. According to local needs, different packages for training and maintenance can be selected.


HumaLoop T and M, HumaTurb C + A, HuMax ITA and HumaHeat come with a one-year manufacturer warranty on parts. The warranty starts when the instrument is installed and
a copy of the filled installation, operation and performance qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ) is returned too Human.

For HumaLoop T and M, HumaTurb C + A and HumaHeat, an annual maintenance performed by a certified engineer is necessary to certify the system is performing correctly.
HUMAN and its partners offer maintenance and warranty packages which are performed on-site via a certified engineer.

Installation service

The installation of the HumaLoop T and M, HumaHeat and HumaTurb C + A has to be performed by a certified technician.

The on-site installation service includes:

  • On-site inspection according to site preparation check list and installation of system(s)
  • Testing incubator of HumaHeat and turbidimetric functionality of HumaTurb C and A
  • Testing incubators and fluorescence module of HumaLoop according to Operation Qualification (OQ)
  • All equipment and test kits needed for OQ
  • Providing of Installation and Operation Qualification (IQ, OQ) will start the basic warranty


Training is provided on-site by a certified trainer. On request, training may also be provided at HUMAN headquarters, HUMAN regional offices or other locations (special prices may apply). End-user and Multiplier trainings are offered.

Training agenda for end users:

  • Introduction to LoopampTM technology
  • Familiarization with products and procedures
  • Preparation of materials and workspace
  • Performing TB and malaria assays
  • Results interpretation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Examination of trainees

The training includes needed materials (e.g. kits) and training documentation. Each trainee receives a certificate after passing the exam.

The Multiplier training includes two additional days, which covers preventive maintenance (without warranty extension), basic break down service, the training concept and methods for knowledge transfer. Multiplier documentation is also provided.

Maintenance package with optional warranty extension

The maintenance package includes an optional extension of the warranty for one additional year.

The maintenance package includes:

  • Checking on-site conditions
  • Extensive cleaning of working area, instrument surface, heating blocks and fluorescence reading unit according to maintenance check list
  • Inspection and validation of UPS and power connection
  • Temperature check and verifying the incubation and reaction block are reaching the target temperature according to maintenance check list
  • Performance of maintenance tool kit to assure the instrument is working properly according to Operation Qualification (OQ)
  • Needed equipment and test kit to perform the OQ
  • Issue of OQ certificate

Optional: Warranty extension available if the maintenance is done before the end of the first year after installation and a copy of the filled maintenance check list is returned.

You have questions?

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