Detect TB. Accurately. Easily.

Smear microscopy misses nearly every second positive TB case

TB-LAMP is robust and easy to perform

The LoopampTM workflow allows an easy DNA extraction and preparation of reaction mixes in a few steps with only a minimum of equipment and reagents. Reagent storage and shipment at room temperature as well as the excellent test performance make molecular pathogen testing available in rural areas with limited settings.

  • High specificity and sensitivity
  • Very short turnaround times
  • Simple processing
  • High degree of robustness
  • Easy result interpretation, either visually (HumaLoop) or by means of a turbidimeter (HumaTurb system)

WHO recommends TB-LAMP as an alternative for smear microscopy

  • TB-LAMP detects > 15 % more positive TB cases
  • Is also applicable to confirm smear negative results
  • Can be used as first line test for all patient groups when the GeneXpert system is not available