HumaTurb System


Scalable LoopampTM system for reference and regional laboratories

HumaTurb system allows for the real-time detection of turbidity based upon magnesium-pyrophosphate which is generated during the amplification process. The entire system consists of two parts, first HumaTurb C, for the setup and control of incubation time and temperature necessary for amplification of the LoopampTM assay reaction. The amplification takes place in the second part of the system, the HumaTurb A.

  • For medium to high throughput: up to 96 tests/run (if expanded with 6 HumaTurb A units)
  • Different LoopampTM assays can be performed in one run
  • Flexible data transfer via USB
  • Results in 1 - 2 hrs
  • Built-in printer


Description REF
Mandatory Accessory: HumaHeat incubator allows an easy lysis of Loopamp™ heating tubes with the corresponding heating block. 964000
HuMax ITA micro centrifuge for incubation, mixing and centrifugation of Loopamp™ reaction tubes. 980000
A solar panel paired with a battery system is the ideal stand-alone solution when grid or generator power is not available, as is often the case in resource-limited areas
Solar Panel (100W) 18965/100
Portable Battery System (220V, 300W) 18965/220