HUMAN offers two Loopampᵀᴹ system solutions for various healthcare settings.

Malaria-LAMP for the detection of asymptomatic, sub-microscopic infections

During the amplification process, taking place at a constant temperature, 4 different primer pairs recognize 6 distinct regions of the target gene. The products obtained are a mixture of stem-loop DNA pieces with multiple loops (Loop-AMP). The detection of amplified products can be performed in two different ways, either by detection of calcein emitted fluorescence or by measuring the turbidity that is generated with the release of magnesium-pyrophosphate as a byproduct of target DNA amplification.

Result reading

HumaLoop M

Specially designed as a consolidated platform for sample preparation, amplification and easy visual result reading, HumaLoop M facilitates sensitive and reliable detection for a variety of LoopampTM tropic pathogens assays, e.g. LoopampTM Malaria Pan, LoopampTM Malaria Pf and LoopampTM Malaria Pv.

HumaTurb C+A

HumaTurb system allows for the real-time detection of turbidity based upon magnesium-pyrophosphate which is generated during the amplification process. The entire system consists of HumaTurb C and A. The HumaTurb C for the setup and control of incubation time and temperature, necessary for amplification. The amplification itself takes place in the second part of the system, the HumaTurb A. In case of DNA purification with the LoopampTM PURE DNA Extraction kit, sample lysis is performed with HumaHeat.