Combina - urine test strips

HUMAN offers an extensive line of urine test strips for visual or automated reading

  • Urine test strips with 3–13 parameters
  • Microalbumin & creatinine on 13-parameter strip

Combina 13

Comprehensive urinary profile including microalbumin & creatinine - Specially suited for first time urine testing – no need for timed collection - Albumin-to-creatinine ratio automatically calculated by Combilyzer13 - Semi-quantitative visual reading for all parameters at 60 seconds. (Parameters: Ascorbic acid, Bilirubin, Blood (hemoglobin, erythrocytes), Creatinine, Glucose, Ketones, Leukocytes, Microalbumin, Nitrite, pH, Protein, Specific gravity, Urobilinogen)

Kit name Reagent type Size REF
Combina 13 Urine Test Strips 100 pcs 22132

Combina 11 S

Urinary profile for visual reading and automated analysis
Kit name Reagent type Size REF
Combina 11 S Urine Test Strips 150 strips 23111