Glucose Clinical Chemistry Reagents

HUMAN's multipurpose reagents are designed for manual procedures in combination with photometric reading or automated processing on clinical chemistry analyzers. HUMAN's working reagent procedures enable a quick, simplified and reliable manual processing. 

HUMAN's system reagents are ready to use and filled in barcoded reagent containers, which can be directly loaded on the system. To ensure a high quality of analysis, thoroughly validated assay settings are included in the respective system software. Monitoring of onboard and calibration stability as well as reagent inventory is done automatically saving time and reducing errors.


Glucose (GLUC)

Glucose (GLUC) measurements are used for diagnosis and therapy control of carbohydrate metabolism disorders. Elevated glucose values (hyperglycemia) are observed in the following discorders: diabetes mellitus, gestational diabetes and Addison's disease. Decreased glucose values (hypoglycemia) are observed in neonatal hypoglycemia, congenital enzyme defects, Reye's syndrome, hepatic dysfunction, insulinomas, insulin antibodies, alcohol ingestion, neoplasms, sepsis and chronic renal failure.
Kit name Reagent type Size REF
Glucose liquicolor Multipurpose Reagents 1000 ml 10121
Glucose liquicolor Multipurpose Reagents 4 x 100 ml 10260
Glucose liquicolor System Reagents 2 x 150 tests 10260300
Glucose liquicolor System Reagents 6 x 210 tests 10260600
Glucose liquiUVmono Multipurpose Reagents 1000 ml 10786

Microalbumin (MALB)

Microalbuminuria is considered a clinically important indicator of deteriorating renal function in diabetic subjects and regular screening is valuable in monitoring these patients. Prospective studies have demonstrated that increased urinary albumin excretion precedes and is highly predictive of diabetic nephropathy, end stage renal disease, and proliferative retinopathy in type I diabetes. In patients with type II diabetes increased urinary albumin excretion is an independent predictor of progressive renal disease, atherosclerotic disease and cardiovascular mortality. Increased urinary albumin excretion, both independently and in conjunction with hyperinsulinemia, identifies a group of nondiabetic subjects at increased risk of coronary vascular disease. Immunoturbidimetric test for the quantitative determination of mircoalbumin in collected urine or random midstream urine.
Kit name Reagent type Size REF
Microalbumin Multipurpose Reagents 2 x 25 ml 11120
Microalbumin System Reagents 1 x 90 tests 11120600