Our success is based on long-term and reliable partnerships

The business relationship with our partners is based on respect, trust and sustainability.
We are proud of our global distribution network with recognized companies around the world.
The high professionalism of our partners, supported by HUMAN`s certification and training programs, is the basis for excellent service to our customers. The success of this concept is reflected in the fact that more than 60% of our distributors have been working with us for more than 10 years.


Bio Pioneer - China

“HUMAN has helped us a lot with academic support. We have been working with HUMAN for seven years, the expertise they provided has helped us win many customers. HUMAN products are very suitable for Chinese customers’ needs. For example, the HumaBlot 44FA, such a fully automated instrument has strong competitiveness and is very well accepted by our customers.”   

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Alex Liu - G.M Assistant / Deputy Sales Director 

Chem-Labs Ltd. - Kenya

“We like the ability to plan long-term with HUMAN. They respect their distributors and support them in regard to supply chain or any other inquiries.HUMAN and Chem-Labs faced challenges and successes together. The impact that HUMAN and Chem-Labs managed to add to the territory of Kenya was very positive. Congratulations with the 50 years. I wish HUMAN continues with the strengths that they have shown over the years, improves on the strengths that they have been associated with (quality, reliability and support) and works on the areas they could do better. I wish to celebrate with HUMAN the 100 years.”                             

Collins Mase - General Manager


“We have been working with HUMAN for more than 27 years. Our partnership with HUMAN is not just in trade but it goes beyond business. HUMAN appreciates their distributors and respects their inputs and ideas. 50 years was a long walk for HUMAN, we wish all the management, staff and their partners a wonderful celebration. We look forward to even more years and we hope that one day HUMAN will be celebrating the 100 years.”                         

James Mwangi - Managing Director

Comprolab - Colombia

"Comprolab is a family company, which Import, market and distribute in-vitro diagnostic products of the highest quality, supported by the representation of recognized and certified brands worldwide. We offer products for In Vitro Diagnostics, reliable, certified and recognized nationally and internationally, with all the technical-scientific support of the company HUMAN. We wish the company HUMAN Happy Birthday and say thank you for 38 years of reliable partnership.” 

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Francisco J. Rodriguez President, Dr. Liliana Rodriguez Castro - General Manager 

Consultant Medical Company - Palestine

“We have been working with HUMAN since the Consultant Medical Company established in 2014. HUMAN means quality and reliability, we appreciate the quality of products, backup service and great reputation.
Developing and growing CMC company wouldn’t have been possible without
HUMAN and their products. 
Happy 50th anniversary HUMAN. In HUMAN we trust.”                                  

Haneen Aburajab - Engineer

Corporación Analyticos - Guatemala

"What we appreciate the most about our relationship with HUMAN is the trust and opportunity we have been given for the past 30 years, for the Distribution Rights to your products. The consistent support and training that Human provides has been essential in our partnership. The reliability and trustworthiness of the different product lines is well known throughout the industry, and it cannot go without mentioning the great friendship that have been gained throughout the years.”    

Carlos Manuel Sirera - President and Founder

Frisonex Cia. Ltda. - Ecuador

"Frisonex Cia. Ltda. has an reliable partnership with HUMAN since 25 years.The consistently professional relationship, quality of products and service of HUMAN throughout the years is what has allowed Frisonex to grow successfully and reach its 30-year anniversary! Frisonex is what it is today because of its early start with HUMAN.
Congratulations HUMAN! 50 Years well deserved and I wish you all the best for the next 50 years.”    

Christian Frison - Sales Director

Medco International LLC - Kyrgyzstan

"Our company has been working with HUMAN for 18 years. Long-term cooperation leads to a strong relationship. We appreciate the quality of products that meet the requirements of our customers. HUMAN means German quality in Kyrgyzstan.
We wish HUMAN to celebrate also 100 years with partners from all countries
of the world!"    

Dr. Kuban Urkunchiev - Key account manager

Medsource Ozone - India

"Medsource Ozone is working with the company HUMAN since 17 years.
HUMAN has been one of the most reliable partners of Medsource.
The German quality, prompt support and strong option to market the high-end biochemistry automation are the reasons for our appreciation of HUMAN. The most important and vital reason is it's consistent reliance and support provided to build business.

Happy Anniversary, we would like to see HUMAN expand its network even more than it is today and grow as the "World's largest IVD service provider."    

Mr. Ajaykumar Bhatt - Chief Executive Officer

MONOLAB LLC - Mongolia

"MONOLAB LLC has been HUMAN's exclusive distributor since 1996. MONOLAB operates at all levels of the health care system, including primary health centers, district hospitals, third-level hospitals, and newly established private clinics. MONOLAB distributes a wide range of HUMAN instruments and reagents in Mongolia from various product lines ranging from Clinical Chemistry to Autoimmune diagnostics. We wish the company HUMAN all the best for its 50th anniversary.” 

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Professor N. Munkhtuvshin - General Director 

Popular International Ltd. - Pakistan

“We have been working with HUMAN since 1998 and everyone is quite satisfied with the products and the technical support of HUMAN.

Reliability of HUMAN products shows how well the object maintains its original level of quality over the period through serious conditions.”                    

Ijaz Ahmad - Regional Sales Manager

PT. Sali Polapa Bersama - Indonesia

"We have been working with the company HUMAN for more than 24 years.
Our partnership with HUMAN has been ups and downs in a successful way. Happy 50th years for HUMAN Diagnostics and we are looking forward to another successful journey with HUMAN. Wishing much success in the coming future and all the best.” 

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Willy Siswopandoyo - Managing Director


Rajawali Nusindo - Indonesia

“PT Rajawali Nusindo provides medical products in Indonesia. One of our guarantees of success is the cooperation with HUMAN, which exists for more than 20 years. We wish HUMAN all the best for its 50th anniversary and would like to continue working together, stronger and further in the future.”

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Iskak Putra - President Director

SCor d.o.o. - Serbia

“I met HUMAN back in 1994 at a time of embargoes and impossible imports directly from Germany. it was my first job with a foreign company. I studied and upgraded with HUMAN. Every next company that we brought to Serbia and became distributors, and these are companies from all parts of the world, I compared to HUMAN. And no one was equal to you. It has been a pleasure working with HUMAN all these years. It is truly an honor and a privilege to know you and, more importantly, to celebrate with you each of the previous successful years that have led us to an incredible business relationship and as well as friendship. Happy 50th anniversary HUMAN. Let this anniversary be just one in a series of many that we will celebrate. All the best HUMAN.” 

Ljiljana Trklja - General manager

Yee Shin Co.,Ltd - Myanmar

“We are honored to be a business partner of the global well-known brand "HUMAN" in terms of reliable product quality, supportive customer care and efficient after-sales services.

We would like to congratulate HUMAN for celebrating its 50th anniversary and also wish HUMAN more & more success in the coming years.”                

Kyu Kyu  - Product Manager