HumaBlot 44FA


Fully automated LIA system tailored to your needs

Humablot 44FA is the new, fully automated system for processing HUMAN Line Immuno Assays. HumaBlot 44FA performs all steps from processing automatic sample dilutions and reagents, to scanning strips and reporting test interpretations.

With a complete walk-away solution, a flexible number of tests, and up to 44 tests per run, it is optimally suited for labs from low to high throughput.  

All LIA combinations are possible to be run on HumaBlot 44FA. The settings for HUMAN Line Immuno Assays are preinstalled and validated. 

Features and technical specifications 

  • Full automation
  • Sample dilution
  • Flexible test number: 1- 44 tests
  • Tray capacity: 44 strips
  • Processing of up to 3 different assays simultaneously
  • Fast dry heating system
  • Scan directly in the well
  • Automated HUMAN LIA band interpretation
  • Automatic instrument calibration
  • Bidirectional LIS connection


Description REF Size
HumaBlot 44FA Incubation Trays ITC80000/30 30
System solution 0.5l ITC80000/20 1


Description REF
2D barcode scanner 16430/11
Rack for Eppendorf caps/tubes ITC80000/15