HumaScope Stereo

  • Latest LED illumination technique
  • With reflected and transmitted illumination
  • Left/right diopter adjustment ±5
  • Excellent optics
ObjectivesMagnification: 7x – 45x
HeadBinocular and trinocular
EyepieceLeft / right diopter adjustment

Available with binocular and trinocular head

HumaScope StereoBinocular stereo microscope14900
HumaScope Stereo TrinocularHumaScope Stereo (binocular) with trinocular head (C-Mount adaptor for camera operation necessary)14901


Several eyepieces from 9mm to 22mmPlease refer to the product catalogue.
Reticle eyepiece WF10X (20 mm) 0.1 mm/Div114900/5
Several objectives 0.5X W.D. 137 mm to 2X W.D. 29 mmPlease refer to the product catalogue.
Trinocular adaptor 1X for ccd camera14900/11
Trinocular adaptor 0.5X for ccd camera14900/12
HumaScope Stereo / HumaScope Stereo Trinocular