HumaScope Fluo LED


Mercury-free and WHO recommended LED fluorescence technology at a fascinating price-performance ratio.

2-channel fluorescence illumination technique

  • Infinity corrected plan achromatic objectives (antifungal coated) 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x oil

  • Compensation free Siedentopf head, inward 5-position objective revolver

  • Koehler illumination

  • Extra strong LED illumination, no bulb replacement required

  • Optional – up to 4 fluorescence channels available

  • Optional – rechargeable batteries


Optional Model:

REF 14801 - 3-channel LED (blue, green, UV)

REF 14802 - 3-channel LED (blue, green, violet)

REF 14803 - 4-channel LED (blue, green, UV, violet)

REF 14804 - 2-channel LED (blue, green) with rechargeable batteries