Elisys Duo


2-plate fully automated ELISA analyzer

  • Up to 3 plates in one run
  • Integrated PC and touchscreen
  • Continuous loading of reagents, plates and samples
  • HUMAN assays programmed (Plug&Run) and user programmable
  • 8 filter wheel: 450 nm and 620 nm installed
Elisys Duo


Description REF Size
Disposable conductive tips 300 µl 16300/10 10 x 96 pcs
Disposable conductive tips 110µl 16300/11 10 x 96 pcs
Deep well dilution plate (square) 17200/255 40 pcs
Waste bag with 'Biohazard' label 17200/137 10 pcs
Reagent bottle 7 ml 17350/B7 100 pcs
Reagent bottle 25 ml 17350/B25 70 pcs
Reagent bottle 100 ml 17350/B100 10 pcs


Description REF
Several filters in the range of 405 - 690 nm Please refer to the product catalogue.
Several racks: reagent, sample, QC Please refer to the product catalogue.
PC with Windows® 18992P
TFT screen 17901M
Laser printer 18993L