Clinical Chemistry Reagents (HbA1c, HbA1)

HUMAN's multipurpose reagents are designed for manual procedures in combination with photometric reading or automated processing on clinical chemistry analyzers. HUMAN's working reagent procedures enable a quick, simplified and reliable manual processing. 

HUMAN's system reagents are ready to use and filled in barcoded reagent containers, which can be directly loaded on the system. To ensure a high quality of analysis, thoroughly validated assay settings are included in the respective system software. Monitoring of onboard and calibration stability as well as reagent inventory is done automatically saving time and reducing errors.


Glycohemoglobin HbA1 (HbA1c, HbA1)

The determination of HbA1c is performed for the long term control in diabetes mellitus. HbA1c values provide an indication of the average glucose levels over the preceding 4-8 weeks. A high HbA1c value indicates poor glycemic control. Long term therapy of the disease requires control of blood glucose levels to prevent the acute complications of ketosis and hyperglycemia. In addition, preventing effective control of blood glucose levels can minimize long term complications such as retinopathy, neuropathy, and cardiovascular disease. Immunoassay for the direct photometric determination of HbA1c in whole blood with EDTA.
Kit name Reagent type Size REF
HbA1c liquidirect Multipurpose Reagents 40 ml 10770
HbA1c liquidirect System Reagents 1 x 135 tests 10770600
Glycohemoglobin HbA1 Multipurpose Reagents 20 tests 10657
Glycohemoglobin HbA1 Multipurpose Reagents 100 tests 10658

HbA1c (HbA1c)

Lyophilized 4-level calibrator based on human serum. For clinical chemistry multipurpose reagents as well as system reagents HumaStar 300SR and HumaStar 600.

Kit name Reagent type Size REF
HbA1c liquidirect Calibrator Set Controls & Calibrators 4 x 0.5 ml 10776

Glycohemoglobin HbA1 (HbA1c, HbA1)

Kit specific control sera. Two-level, lyophilized controls based on human erythrocytes.

Kit name Reagent type Size REF
Glycohemoglobin HbA1 Controls Controls & Calibrators 2 x 1 ml 10259
HbA1c liquidirect Control Blood Controls & Calibrators 4 x 0.5 ml 10775