HuMax 14K

REF 17160

Multipurpose high speed centrifuge

Maintenance-free brushless induction motor, delivered without rotor.

  • Programmable: speed, acceleration and braking rates, memory for 10 programs
  • Electronic imbalance detection
  • Digital display
Speed14,000 rpm
RCF18,405 x g
Capacity4 x 200 ml (swing-out rotor) / 24 x 2 ml (fixed-angle rotor)
Timer1-99 min. + hold position
Lid LockDouble


Adapter for 1.5/2 ml tubes17155Ø 11 x 70 mm
Adapter for 7 ml tubes17156Ø 13 x 115 mm
Adapter for 5 ml tubes17157Ø 13 x 90 mm
Fixed-angle rotor: 4,100 rpm / 3,007 x g1716230 x 15 ml, Ø 17mm 
Swing-out rotor: 4,100 rpm / 3,045 x g171614 x buckets
Several sets of buckets and bottles for swing-out rotorPlease refer to the product catalog.
Several sets of for inserts for fixed-angle and swing-out rotorPlease refer to the product catalog.
Fixed-angle rotor: 14,000 rpm / 18,407 x g17163
Several adapters for high speed fixed- angle rotorPlease refer to the product catalog. 
Transformer, 110 V to 220 V, US socket18970
HuMax 14K

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