Autoimmune Diagnostics Technologies


Autoimmune diseases are characterized by heterogeneous autoantibody patterns found in patient sera.

Line immuno assays (LIA) are ideal autoimmune diagnostic tools for screening and differential diagnosis as well as monitoring autoimmune patients by identifying specific autoantibodies on a single strip.

HUMAN's autoimmune LIAs are developed for straight forward autoantibody profiling. LIAs are easy- to-use screening assays, employing disease-specific antigens. Up to 18 different autoantibodies can be differentiated with a single assay strip.

This state-of-the art autoimmune diagnostic tool is produced by spotting antigens in lines on a nitrocellulose membrane. HUMAN utilizes the latest spotting technologies available in the market, including HUMAN's patented epitope-preserving technology. In the assay, bound autoantibodies are visualized by using specific HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies that specifically target human autoantibodies and a LIA specific substrate. Quite unique is a cut-off line enabling for the easy determination of positive samples.


The HUMAN ELISAs for autoimmune diagnostics offer comprehensive solutions for all sizes of laboratories from low to high throughput. The line consists of 61 ELISAs (both qualitative and quantitative) for the differential diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.

Serving diverse laboratory requirements, HUMAN offers screening ELISAs for the detection of different subtypes (IgG, IgM, IgA) in one assay and single parameter ELISAs for separate autoantigens. The quantitative ELISAs are ideally suited for the monitoring of disease progression.

According to HUMAN's plug & run philosophy all ELISAs are optimized for automation and validated for the use on HUMAN's automated ELISA instruments: Elisys Uno, Elisys Duo and Elisys Quattro. Handling is as simple as can be thanks to ready-to-use reagents, breakable microtiter wells and reagents largely interchangeable between different assays and lots. The incubation conditions are identical for almost all assays.

Rapid screening test

HUMAN's autoimmune rapid screening tests are ideal for the quick and immediate assessment of patients with suspected autoimmune rheumatic diseases.

In the presence of autoantibodies in patient serum, the latex beads agglutinate and provide fast qualitative results in less than 2 minutes.