New connectivity solution for TB-LAMP helps reduce gap between diagnosis and treatment of TB patients


Wiesbaden, Germany and Brussels, Belgium - March 24, 2021 - Human Society for Biochemica and Diagnostica (HUMAN) and Savics.

In cooperation between Savics and HUMAN and with the support of the Institute Pasteur in Cameroon, the TB-LAMP test system has been integrated into the DataToCare App. From now on, it is possible to store and send the results obtained with HumaLoop T electronically by mail or SMS. This provides access to highly professional patient management, even in remote areas.

With the majority of TB patients living in developing countries with little infrastructure, diagnosis and treatment of TB remains a major challenge. In particular, paper-based processes and lack of standardization and connectivity between laboratory systems are the main causes of communication gaps between patients and health care providers. Collaboration between health programs at the point of care and at the central level are also affected.

DataToCare is a fully customizable suite of integrated applications (mobile, desktop, web) that connects national laboratory networks by capturing diagnostic and patient data at the facility level. It displays real-time information on a dashboard to facilitate decision-making at the central level and notifies medical teams and patients of test results in a timely manner.

The app allows users to create new patients, set up new test runs of TB-LAMP, save photos and assessment of the test result, and then send them directly to the MOH, physicians or patients via email or SMS. 

In order to optimally consider the user perspective, the app was developed and tested with the input of Dr. Valerie Donkeng Donfack from the Institute Pasteur in Cameroon. This approach allowed for the direct incorporation of field experience and resulted in a compelling outcome.

“The DataToCare Mobile app is wonderful since it will help laboratory personnel, clinicians and National TB Program to follow all together the TB patient results for a better care. This mobile app is easy to use by the laboratory technicians and it will allow clinicians to receive the patient results as soon as they will be available. The mobile app will reduce the gap between the availability of results and patient treatment. With this application, TB diagnosis with TB-LAMP will be even more easier.”

DataToCare is currently already in use in 14 countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, DR Congo, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Philippines, Togo and Zambia. To work with DataToCare, a server installed by Savics in the respective country is required. If you have any questions regarding the connection or the licensing process, Savics is your contact.

The advantages of TB-LAMP integration in DataToCare at a glance:

  • Sending standardized test results & patient demographic data to the central server via internet or SMS when connectivity is not available.
  • Transparency by epidemiological, demographic, operational through tables, charts and maps.
  • Sending diagnostic test results via email and SMS to physicians and patients across multiple points of care.
  • Exportable and/or automatically generated case-based or aggregated reports at the laboratory, regional, and national levels
  • Providing devices usages statistics schedules & manages maintenance activities of diagnostic equipments

With this solution, Human and Savics aim to further contribute to better connect patients and treat them faster, contributing to the 2030 "End TB" goal.


The TB-LAMP solution, developed by HUMAN´s partner Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd., is a molecular method for the detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex. Its robustness, high sensitivity and ease of use makes LAMP an excellent and nearly failsafe solution to improve TB diagnostics in remote areas. Moreover, this system offers a higher throughput of samples in a shorter time than existing technologies (1-2 hrs for 14 samples, up to 70 samples/day/equipment). In 2016, WHO* recommended that smear microscopy may be replaced by TB-LAMP. TB-LAMP is also included in the Global Drug Facility (GDF) catalog ( and in the list of WHO recommended diagnostic tool 2018.

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