Management Team

Dr. Björn Breth

Managing Director

"My family is my greatest asset and source of motivation.
Enjoying time with my children and providing them all opportunities to grow their capabilities bares to me a lot of similarities in coaching and managing teams at HUMAN." 


  • Joined HUMAN in 2020
  • Managing Director since 2020




Oliver Gilberz

Vice President Operations

“Gardening to me is more than just a pastime. It’s about care, planning, handcraft and beauty. These aspects lead me as well doing my job for HUMAN. And being outside to me is a perfect compensation.”


Export Logistics, Operations Development,
Service for Instruments & Reagents,
Warehouse, Facility Management,
IT, Procurement

  • Working for HUMAN since 2008

Dr. Torsten Börchers

 Vice President Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

“Sailing clears my mind. There is nothing better than feeling
the power of nature. What links sailing with my job is the need
to cope with the unpredictable, take over responsibility and mind the rules and principles.”

Regulatory Affairs,
Quality Control,Quality Management,
Documentation & Translation,
Environmental Management

  • With HUMAN since 2009


Aferdite Taudte

Vice President Human Resources

“The vastness of the sea inspires me in a private and professional context to look far ahead, to develop visions, to sharpen the view and to make good as well as responsible decisions and to take the corresponding common steps in the company and in private life full of confidence. Walk with us!”


Human Resources

Diana Göser

Vice President Finance

“Mountains are the most fascinating places for me. In summer and in winter they are the best place to relax and gather new energy. They teach you being flexible as weather conditions are changing faster than anything else in life. You have to be 100% concentrated when passing very narrow paths by foot or with skis. This is a significant parallel to the work in Finance positions.”


Finance Accounting, Finance Controlling

  • Joined HUMAN in 2018


Thomas Rösser

Vice President International Sales

"Keeping my feet on the ground is very important to me. I manage to do that when I return to the rural area where I live. The fact that my family keeps cows, horses and a cat supports me in this. My affinity for technology is no contradiction to this and even helps me to fulfill my objectives."


  • With HUMAN since 2011