Sexual and Reproductive Health

The listed items are CE-marked and comply with the strict requirements of the European IVD directive. Exceptions are clearly flagged.

Infertility and miscarriage risk

TypeDescriptionProduct name / item
Agglutination slideFor the qualitative determination of antibodies to Brucella abortusBrucella abortus antigen kit
ELISAFor the detection of phospholipid antibodies involved in anti-phospholipid syndrom (APS). For women with recurrent loss of two or more APS is responsible for more than 30% of cases of recurrent miscarriage8 different antibodies as screen  test or IgG / IgM antibodies test.Please refer to the APS section.
ELISAFor the assessment of female and male hormonal status Broad panel of 18 hormones. Please refer to ELISA hormone reagents.


According to WHO recommendation preeclampsia should be detected by monitoring of blood pressure and protein in urine.

TypeDescriptionProduct name / item
Urine test strip
  • For the detection of protein in urine
  • Easy visual reading
Combina 3
Urine test stripFor the detection of renal microvascular protein leakage (Albumine-to-Creatinine ratio)

Pregnancy test: hCG

TypeDescriptionProduct name / item
Rapid Screening testDifferent Formats
ELISAFor the quantitative determination of hCGhCG

Sexually transmitted diseases

HUMAN provides a huge variety of tests and test-formats for the most sexually transmitted diseases.