Mastering Procurement Processes

Across decades HUMAN has adjusted its internal administration and supply processes to fulfill the requirements of governmental and non-governmental development organizations and their respective procurement institutions thus being able to provide best total value. This includes but is not restricted to:

  • The complete fulfillment of the solicitation framework duties (by detailed, comprehensive and timely response to the Technical Specifications requirements and if applicable to the outlined Terms of Reference in combinations with Invitations for Bid or Requests for Proposals)  
  • Immediate response to eventual post-solicitation clarification requests
  • Provision of documents, certificates and references for sustainability as general practice 
  • 100% compliance to given contractual and legal formalities and requirements 
  • Capability to adapt to flexible volume and/or service & support requests
  • Adequate and timely response to humanitarian emergency situations
  • Support in the logistic planning
  • Professional and efficient execution of the entire logistic chain from packaging, labelling and freight to product registration, and the management of country specific import restrictions

In this way HUMAN has been successfully contributing to different aid projects in more than 60 low and middle income countries.