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HUMAN has been present during humanitarian crises and post-emergency, recovery and reconstruction periods in countries like Haiti, Nepal, South Sudan, Liberia and Sierra Leone, providing supplies and support particularly in remote access locations.

For years it has also assisted NGOs in conflict areas as well as in extreme restrictive environments like Palestine, delivering to Gaza, West Bank, Beirut, Syria and Jordan as well as Mali and Ivory Cost.

HUMAN has been and is until today successfully contributing to different long term aid projects in Malawi, Ethiopia and Uganda within the scope of projects funded by various NGOs together with the Global Fund.

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Aid projects supported by HUMAN

Community Care Congo

The aid project in the Republic of Congo contributes to the improvement of population health while at the same time it offers employment opportunities for young people out of the paramedical schools.

They provide community care including passing as health workers from house to house to check and treat the poorest people at lower costs. Consultation of patients and transport of health workers are supported by the HUMAN Association, in addition health workers are provided with kits containing drugs and diagnostic equipment needed on-site.

Every year, the project reaches more than 50.000 patients receiving diagnostics and treatment. The project disposes of a sick room and a laboratory. After more than ten years of implementation with a staff of thirty health workers, the project contributed significantly to the fight against malaria by raising public awareness about the causes of the disease. It is a great success that the Congolese Government signed memorandum with HUMAN Association Group for expanding the project across the country. 

The project is fully funded by our Congolese partner HUMAN Association Group.

HUMAN Diagnostics Worldwide contributed with a donation of clinical chemistry and ELISA reagents, 3-part diff CBC analyzer and blood collection tubes.

Children's Home, Kenya

In Kenya HUMAN supports a NGO project which strives to offer street boys a home and professional perspective. HUMAN and its local distributor CHEMLABS Ltd. jointly provide support for the education of a few selected boys from secondary to University level by mentoring and guiding them to undertake an industry relevant training course like Medicine, Biomedical Engineering or Laboratory Science, covering cost like healthcare and transport, and ensure the absorption of these former street boys into relevant and gainful employment.

Deshig Dun Family Health Center, Mongolia

"Deshig Dun" is one of 23 Family Health Centers (FHCs) in the Bayangol district. It is the primary health service center for about 9,800 people. None of the FHCs had a diagnostic laboratory unit until then. Patients with need for clinical diagnostics faced long and costly transports to the second level hospital for repeated visits and experienced poor access to the health services.

Aim of the project is to improve the quality and accessibility of health care for the inhabitants in this district of Ulaanbaatar city by strengthening the diagnostic service capacity.

HUMAN partner Monolab set up a diagnostic laboratory unit at "Deshig Dun" Family Health Center and took care for employee user and maintenance training.

The project includes user training for hospital employees and family doctors and reconstructing a room for the laboratory at "Deshig Dun" FHC.

HUMAN contributed with the donation of clinical chemistry and hematology laboratory instruments and analyzers.

National TB Voice Network, Ghana

Donation acitivtiy together with our business partner EIKEN CHEMICAL in favour of the National TB Voice Network, Ghana, to continue and sustain the already gained achievements in strengthening the community and civil society response to TB.

HUMAN is committed to end TB. Since 2016, HUMAN is member of the Stop TB Partnership:

Village Health Works, Burundi

In the rural Burundi community of Kigutu, near Lake Tanganyika, HUMAN supports Village Health Works, a local nonprofit organization that provides primary clinical services to the community and those crossing the borders of neighboring of Tanzania and DRC.
Village Health Works medical care focuses on mother and child health, mental health and non-communicable and infectious diseases. With its unique holistic approach Village Health Works also supports programs for sustainable agriculture, education, and economic development.

Partners in Health, Haiti

In Haiti, HUMAN supports Partners In Health, the largest nonprofit health care provider in the Caribbean nation. PIH supports 12 medical facilities in Haiti and offers basic medical care, such as safe births, along with cancer treatment, lifesaving surgeries, and support for patients living with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.
HUMAN’s partnership with PIH in Haiti includes support for the largest reference laboratory in the region, at the 300-bed University Hospital in Mirebalais. HUMAN not only provides chemical analysis machines for a broad range of medical samples and diagnostics, but also provides training and technical support.
PIH partners with national governments to deliver health care in some of the poorest, most remote regions of the world. Beginning in Haiti in the 1980s, it has since expanded to nine other countries, including Rwanda, Malawi, and Lesotho.