Wiener lab CMD 600i or HumaStar 600: Comprehensive Clinical Chemistry System Comparison

Compare Wiener lab CMD 600i and HumaStar 600 to determine which clinical chemistry analyzer aligns best with your laboratory's performance, efficiency, and sustainability goals.

Company HUMAN Wiener lab
Model HumaStar 600 CMD 600i
Throughput max. tests/h 600 770
Reagent positions 48 80
Reagent cooling 9°C ± 2°C 2-10°C
Sample positions 95 90
Sample barcode reader Internal Optional
Cuvettes 160 re-usable -
Water consumption (l/h) < 5 < 28

*All information is correct as of December 2023



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Choosing the right clinical chemistry analyzer for your laboratory depends on a number of key factors, from throughput capabilities and reagent management to sample processing efficiency and technological features. Among the notable contenders in this field, the Wiener lab CMD 600i and HumaStar 600 stand out for their innovative features designed to meet the diverse needs of today's laboratories. The purpose of this article is to provide an in-depth comparison of these two systems, focusing on their specifications, to help you determine which clinical chemistry system best meets your laboratory's operational needs and strategic goals.

Choosing the right clinical chemistry analyzer is a critical decision that affects the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of laboratory testing. The Wiener lab CMD 600i and HumaStar 600 offer distinct advantages and innovative features. Let's explore how these systems compare in several important ways.

Throughput Max. Tests/Hour

Throughput refers to the number of tests an analyzer can perform per hour and is a critical metric for laboratories to consider. High throughput rates are essential for high-volume laboratories as they help to efficiently manage large workloads, reduce wait times for results, and ultimately improve patient care through faster diagnostics.

  • Wiener lab CMD 600i: Offers a significant throughput of up to 770 tests per hour, addressing high-demand environments and enabling laboratories to easily handle peak workloads.
  • HumaStar 600: With a throughput of up to 600 tests per hour, the HumaStar 600 provides robust performance for medium- to high-volume testing scenarios, balancing speed and accuracy.

Reagent Positions

The number of reagent positions on an analyzer determines how many different tests can be set up at one time and affects the lab's ability to offer a comprehensive menu of tests. More reagent positions mean greater flexibility in testing capabilities and less time spent changing reagents, which is especially beneficial for labs that need to run a variety of tests on a regular basis.

  • Wiener lab CMD 600i: Provides 80 reagent positions, offering versatility in testing options and supporting a broad test menu for comprehensive diagnostic capabilities.
  • HumaStar 600: Equipped with 48 reagent positions, allowing for simultaneous testing of multiple parameters and enhancing operational efficiency.

Reagent Cooling

Reagent cooling is essential for maintaining the stability and viability of reagents, especially those that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. This feature extends the shelf life of reagents, reduces waste, and ensures consistent, reliable test results that are critical for accurate diagnosis and patient care.

  • Wiener lab CMD 600i: Provides reagent cooling between 2-10°C, ensuring optimal reagent preservation and maintaining test accuracy over time.
  • HumaStar 600: Maintains reagent cooling at 9°C ± 2°C, ensuring optimal temperature control throughout testing.

Sample Positions

The number of sample locations on an analyzer affects the lab's ability to efficiently process sample batches. Greater capacity reduces the need for frequent loading and can improve workflow, especially during peak testing periods. It's an essential feature for labs looking to maximize productivity and minimize turnaround time.

  • Wiener lab CMD 600i: With 90 sample positions, it supports efficient processing and is well suited for laboratories with moderate to high sample volumes, offering a balance between capacity and operational efficiency.
  • HumaStar 600: Designed for efficient sample handling, the HumaStar 600 effectively manages large sample volumes, increasing laboratory throughput and reducing potential bottlenecks.

Sample Barcode Reader

Integrating a specimen bar code reader automates the specimen identification process, improving accuracy, reducing manual entry errors and streamlining workflow. This technology is critical to maintaining high standards of diagnostic confidence and operational efficiency in today's laboratories.

  • Wiener lab CMD 600i: Offers the sample barcode reader as an optional feature, allowing laboratories to customize their system based on their specific automation and traceability needs.
  • HumaStar 600: Typically includes an internal sample barcode reader, underscoring its commitment to accuracy and efficiency in sample processing.

Water Consumption (L/H)

Water consumption is an indicator of the environmental footprint and operating costs of the analyzer. Reducing water consumption not only reflects a commitment to sustainability, but can also result in significant cost savings for the laboratory over time, especially in regions where water resources are scarce or expensive.

  • Wiener lab CMD 600i: Uses less than 28 liters per hour, indicating a focus on efficient operation, but may have higher operating costs and environmental impact compared to more water-efficient systems.
  • HumaStar 600: Consumes less than 5 liters of water per hour, contributing to cost efficiency and environmental sustainability.

In conclusion, the choice between the Wiener lab CMD 600i and the HumaStar 600 should be based on your laboratory's specific needs, including throughput requirements, test volume, operational efficiency, and commitment to sustainability. While the Wiener lab CMD 600i excels in throughput and flexible testing capabilities, the HumaStar 600 excels in efficiency and sustainable operation. Carefully consider these factors to select the clinical chemistry system that best supports your laboratory's goals and improves patient care.