Universal access to TB care and equitable distribution of resources, support, and information are essential goals in the journey towards achieving universal health coverage, as advocated by WHO. By investing in WHO-recommended TB preventive treatments, shorter treatment regimens, and rapid molecular diagnostics and tests for TB infection, we can significantly enhance health outcomes and save countless lives.

Read this flash interview giving insights on how to enhance Tuberculosis diagnosis with TB LAMP at Karu Diagnostics Center, Nigeria.

Q1: Can you please introduce yourself?

Anne Ishaya: My name is Anne Ishaya, and I am a laboratory operator at Karu Diagnostics Center in Nasarawa state, Nigeria.

Q2: Can you tell us more about your work in the Diagnostic center?

Anne Ishaya: At Karu Diagnostics Center, we operate as a general laboratory facility. We have a specialized unit dedicated to Tuberculosis diagnosis, where I conduct tests on patient samples using TB LAMP technology. On average, we receive 10 samples daily and approximately 50 samples weekly. Additionally, we collaborate with NGOs, which often bring in additional patient samples for testing. We strive to conduct tests on the same day we receive the samples, but in some cases, we may preserve them for up to 24 hours.


Q3: What is the advantage of using TB LAMP in your experience?

Anne Ishaya: Since joining the team at Karu Center last year, I have been utilizing TB LAMP for diagnostic testing. Compared to other instruments I've used in the past, TB LAMP is notably easier to operate. The technique offers high accuracy, and I have not encountered any discrepancies in results. Moreover, our facility is equipped with a solar panel and battery backup to ensure uninterrupted testing, even during electricity cuts.

Q4: What are the main challenges in your opinion?

Anne Ishaya: One of the main challenges we face is the occasional shortage of supply kits. While we haven't experienced severe shortages, there have been some delays in procurement. Additionally, we encountered an issue with the heating block start button, which was promptly addressed by our local service support team.

Detect TB. Accurately. Easily.

Smear microscopy is still widely used as a first-line diagnosis for Tuberculosis in many laboratories around the world. Unfortunately, this method requires a high bacterial load and experienced laboratory technicians to confirm the diagnosis.


WHO recommends TB-LAMP as an alternative for smear microscopy

  • TB-LAMP detects > 15 % more positive TB cases
  • Is also applicable to confirm smear negative results
  • Can be used as first line test for all patient groups when the GeneXpert system is not available


The LoopampTM workflow allows an easy DNA extraction and preparation of reaction mixes in a few steps with only a minimum of equipment and reagents. Reagent storage and shipment at room temperature as well as the excellent test performance make molecular pathogen testing available in rural areas with limited settings.