ESfEQA - Next step in External Quality Assessment (EQA)

HUMAN Wiesbaden - The number of HumEQAS participants is continuously growing providing larger peer groups and improved statistics. With the launch of HumEQAS in 2014, HUMAN took the first step in External Quality Assessment (EQA).

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Now, four years later, HUMAN would like to initiate the next launch phase step in EQA. Due to increasing customer demands, we have been looking for a certified program. However, the accreditation according to the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010 requires a substantially different management of the program by a dedicated organization.

So, HUMAN is glad to announce the cooperation with the European Society for External Quality Assessment (ESfEQA) located in Germany. It meets HUMAN's expectations to serve you with a modern, accredited EQA for multiple parameters (for more information please refer to ESfEQA will implement and support the peer group HUMAN for all its programs to maintain and increase the statistical security of results with HUMAN products. Thus, HUMAN agreed to hand over the complete organization of the EQA to ESfEQA GmbH.

Advantages for HUMAN's distributors and all laboratories following the recommendation to participate in the ESfEQA survey include:

  • Results and certificates meet the requirements of accreditation (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010)
  • Access to many programs covering most areas in IVD - “biochemistry” (i.e. clinical chemistry, coagulation, urinalysis), hematology, immunology and microbiology
  • A powerful peer group for HUMAN assays and analyzers will be available only from ESfEQA. Of course Non-HUMAN methods can be entered as well.
  • HUMAN continuous as a partner in quality assessment: Only participants submitted by a HUMAN distributor will be considered as a member of the HUMAN group receiving all survey samples (test kits), test reports and the confirmation of participation with the HUMAN logo in combination with the ESfEQA logo. This allows a clear differentiation from original ESfEQA customers.

Take the opportunity and start with External Quality Assessment now!

The ESfEQA deadline for the registration in their EQA programs which start in January 2019 is October 31, 2018.

Please find more information about ESfEQA in the related flyer and contact Dr. Dieter Groche ([email protected]), Head of Operations at ESfEQA for more details about the next steps, registration and order placement, as well as training and support.