Molecular DX

HUMAN provides LAMP testing systems for the screening of infections with bacteria belonging to the Malaria screening (Malaria Pan, Malaria Pf and Malaria Pv).
Its robustness, high sensitivity and the ease of use make LAMP an excellent and nearly failsafe solution to improve the diagnostic even in remote areas.
Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) amplifies previously determined genes and can be used to detect any pathogen. It enables the amplification at one temperature and the detection of target DNA faster and more specific than traditional PCR based methods. Similar to real-time PCR, generation of measuring signals occurs during or directly after a cycling process. The amplified products are detected visually by reading green fluorescence or by the measurement of turbidity in real-time.

Malaria-LAMP implementation in Senegal

Training video on HumaLoop M platform