Tumor Screening / Marker

Rapid tests for the diagnosis of colon and prostate cancer. HUMAN's well-known occult blood test, HEXAGON OBTI, is also used for forensic applications.


Immunochromatographic rapid test for prostate specific antigen (PSA)

Detection limit 4 ng/ml.

Kit nameREFSizeSample
Hexagon PSA2803220 testsWhole blood, serum, plasma

Occult Blood

Immunochromatographic 1-step test for occult blood in stool. Appropriate for forensic applications.

Specific for human hemoglobin, 0.05 – 2000 µg/ml human Hb in transport medium.

Kit nameREFSizeSample
Hexagon OBTI2800924 testsFeces
Tumor Screening Hexagon OBTI

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