HumaClot Junior

REF 18680

Compact 1-channel coagulation instrument with TIC2+ technology

  • Latest LED technology with reference channel 
  • Validated applications for HUMAN reagents preprogrammed
  • Guided workflow
  • Light protection cover with pipetting support
  • Durable and maintenance free
  • Closed Consumable system
  • Optional external sample barcode reader


Cuvettes Dispo incl. Mixer (5 x 100 pcs)15660/10
Cuvettes Bag incl. Mixer (1 x 500 pcs)15660/11
Cuvettes Bag incl. Mixer (5 x 500 pcs)15660/12
Thermal Printer Paper, External Printer (5 pcs)18909/20


Barcode Scanner - Mini DIN15660/55
Thermo printer (plugs: EU, US, JP)Please refer to the product catalogue.
Printer Cable - Mini DIN (External Printer)15660/53
USB A-B Cable for Host Connection15660/54
Y-Cable (External Printer & Barcode Reader)15660/56