HumaClot Pro

REF 15800

Fully automated compact coagulation analyzer

For low to medium volume laboratories

  • Up to 100 PT/h
  • TIC2+Technology for clotting, chromogenic, immunologic and turbidimetric measurement
  • Environmentally friendly: low consumption of liquid and cuvette consumables
  • According to HUMAN's plug & run philosophy validated applications for HUMAN reagents preprogrammed, including D-dimer
  • Integrated PC and touchscreen
  • Internal sample barcode reader
  • 3 STAT positions
HumaClot Pro


Cuvette rings 6 x 10 x 32 (1,920 tests)15800/10
Sample cups 4ml (2 x 250 pcs.)15800/25
Sample cups 2 ml (500 pcs.)17470/59
Washing solution 5 x 15 ml15800/20
Cleaner 5 x 15 ml15800/30


Stir bars for reagent mixer15800/50
Laser printer18993L