3-part Diff System HumaCount 80TS

REF 16420/80

HumaCount 80TS is the first choice for medium laboratories with high standards and restricted budgets – even in remote care settings. No instrument in the market offers more speed and versatility at the given cost/test.

  • Large color touchscreen for intuitive operation
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Anti Clogging Technology
  • Optional 2D barcode for error-free upload of target values
  • Optional rechargeable battery and solar panel
  • High throughput for workload at peak hours
  • Ideal for STAT samples
HumaCount 80TS

System reagents – guarantee for correct and reliable results

Kit nameREFSize
HC-Diluent17400/111 x 20 l
HC-Lyse CF (cyanide free)17400/222 x 1 l
HC-Cleaner (high quality cleaning)17400/311 x 1 l
HC-Control (levels 1, 2, 3)17400/403 x 2.5 ml
HC-Calibrator17400/501 x 2 ml


Portable battery system18965/220
Solar panel18965/100
2D barcode reader16430/11
HumaCount System Reagents
HUMAN SolarCharge

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