HumaSens2.0 blood glucose monitoring meters are reliable, precise and easy-to-use partners for the patient's independence, allowing utmost freedom and convenience.

They require only a minimum volume of capillary blood, deliver results rapidly and are available as convenient starter packs with practical accessories.

Measuring time:5 sec
Measuring range:20-600 mg/dl
(1.1-33.3 mmol/l)
Sample volume:0.7 µl
Memory:360 results
Languages:English, French, Spanish, German
Other:Strip ejector to minimize infection risk

Starter pack*

HumaSens2.0 Starter Set

REF 17560

  • 1 x User manual (4 languages: GB, F, E, D)
  • 1 x Quick guide (4 languages: GB, F, E, D)
  • 1 x Patient diary
  • 1 x Pouch, 1 x battery (CR2032)

*Test strips and control solutions are not included.

System reagents

Glucose Test Strips Blue
Glucose test strips Blue175622 x 25 pcs
Glucose test strips Blue17562/21 x 10 pcs
Control solution for glucose test strips Blue17562/102 x 2 ml