HumaStar 300SR

REF 16930

Rock-solid, reliable and worry-free

The HumaStar 300SR is the latest member of HUMAN's clinical chemistry systems. Based on the proven hardware and software quality of HumaStar 100/200 it uses the time-tested system reagent kits of HumaStar 600 with perfectly matching methods, calibrators and controls.

  • 440 to 1100 tests / day
  • Equipped with eco-friendly ProClean 2.0 technology. Unique in its class!
  • Water consumption < 3 l/h


Sample tray 40 positions
optional sample tray with 20 positions of 12-16 x 100 mm
and 20 positions for 3.5 ml cups
PC with Windows® OS, incl. keyboard and mouse18992P
LCD monitor 19"17901M
Touchscreen monitor 19"18991MT
Laser printer18993L


Sample tubes 12 x 85 mm, 5 ml16890/301,000 pcs.
Sample cups 1 ml 16890/311,000 pcs.
Sample cups 3.5 ml 16890/321,000 pcs.
Barcoded reagent containers 25 ml 16770/2510 pcs.
Barcoded reagent containers 70 ml 16770/7010 pcs.
Reaction cuvettes; up to 75,000 measurements16890/33200 pcs.