HumaStar 200

REF 16895

Award-winning "big beast"

HumaStar 200 is the first choice for laboratories processing up to 650 photometric measurements / shift. Its ease of use – awarded with the international iF product design award and German Design Award - exceeds those of most other instruments. Continuous sample loading and STAT processing at any time makes the HumaStar 200 a perfect match for small routine or emergency laboratories or for being used as dedicated test or backup analyzer in bigger ones. The extraordinary low water consumption of less than 2l/h grants autonomy from water supply units.

  • 260 to 650 tests / day
  • Software optimized for touchscreen monitor
  • Reagent cooling independent from main power switch
HumaStar 200


Reaction cuvettes16890/33200 pcs. (up to 75,000 measurements)
Sample cups 2ml17470/59500 pcs.
Reagent bottle 20ml16890/3430 pcs.
Reagent bottle 50ml16890/3530 pcs.
Cap for reagent bottles16890/3630 pcs.


PC with Windows® OS, incl. keyboard and mouse18992P
Touchscreen LCD monitor18991MT
Desktop barcode reader16890/19
Sample tray for 16 x 100 mm primary tubes
(20 positions + 20 positions for Hitachi cups)
LCD monitor 19"17901M
Pipetting Unit
8-step Cuvette Wash Station
Removable Sample Tray