HumaStar 600

REF 16660

Improving laboratory performance

The HumaStar 600 is designed for being on duty 24/7 to run your daily photometric and immunoturbidimetric routine as well as optional direct ISE measurement. It incorporates a state-of-the-art technology with sophisticated but versatile and user-friendly software.

  • 900 to 2250 tests / day
  • Water consumption < 5l/h
HumaStar 600


ISE module; direct ISE for Na, K, Cl, Li16663-03
PC with Windows® OS, incl. keyboard and mouse18992P
LCD monitor 19"17901M


Reaction cuvettes16661/11200 pcs.
2 Independent Pipetting Arms
Convenient Loading of Samples
Convenient Loading of Reagents
ISE Module