HumaScanFA software

The new HumaScanFA software further simplifies the evaluation of LIA strips. The software already established for HumaBlot 44FA is now also available with a flatbed scanner for fast and objective analysis of LIA strips. The specific autoantibody bands are identified and graphically displayed in an intensity profile for each individual patient. All IMTEC-LIA strip patterns are preinstalled and can be determined directly. Three different license models allow customer-specific selection.

LIA interpretation software

  • Simplified strip positioning on the template
  • Contains settings for the new Arthritis-LIA and ANA-LIA XL
  • Ready for Windows 10®
  • Revision of the reported values is possible
  • Capacity: 1-24 tests
  • Bidirectional LIS connection
  • Activated via a license code - no dongle is required

Ordering Information

ITC80001Software license
ITC80002Software license without LIS
ITC80003Software license for 2000 tests


ITC02851iCanoScan Lide scanner