Trends & Topics for the Laboratory World

In vitro diagnostics is an indispensable and - at the same time - highly efficient tool in medical practice. At this point HUMAN will present exciting trends & topics from the world of in vitro diagnostics for laboratory professionals all over the world. 

Main laboratory abnormalities associated with COVID-19

Although RT-PCR is the recommended testing for diagnosis of a SARS-CoV-2 infection, there are numerous other diagnostic parameters that show abnormal laboratory results in COVID-19 patients...

Faster and easier triage of COVID-19 patients by the use of hematology and CRP

In many countries, health organizations fear that they will find themselves in a situation where too many patients seek help in clinics, similar to the COVID 19 outbreak in Wuhan/China...

Capillary blood - Can it replace venous blood?

Many blood analyses can be performed either with venous blood or with capillary blood. If no large amounts of blood are required and an analysis in whole blood is possible, capillary blood should always be preferred. Reasons for this are...

Urinary Total Protein - More Than Just Protein

Add this fast, non-invasive prognostic marker to your diagnostic workflow. Test urinary total protein to diagnose and monitor kidney diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure.

When Activity Matters! Cholinesterase and Pesticide Exposure

Cholinesterase activity tests offer a clear therapeutic path to those exposed to pesticide poisoning. This simple blood-based diagnostic test also predicts post-anesthetic apnea complications.

The Diagnostic Gap of Tuberculosis: The Leading Killer Worldwide

Globally, we need to progress much faster to prevent, detect, and treat tuberculosis in order to close the gap of this worldwide killer. The TB-LAMP method is a proven method of delivering accurate and fast results, detecting 15% more TB cases compared to smear microscopy.

From Microscopy to LAMP: Innovative Molecular Diagnostic Technology is paving the way for accurate, robust and easy-to-use detection of TB

Be a part of the WHO's global strategy to eliminate TB. Replace smear microscopy with the novel LoopampTM molecular diagnostic system recently recommended by WHO. With its fast, robust and easy availability LoopampTM offers...

Why antithrombin is so important

For someone experiencing thromboembolism, every second counts. Nevertheless, identifying abnormal risk factors potentially causing a thromboembolic event is of no minor importance. Correct diagnosis is critical to identify the underlying cause for changes in antithrombin levels and choosing the right treatment.

Malaria: Small Bites, Global Threat, Diagnostic Challenge

Public health threatened by the spread of vector-borne diseases. Availability of appropriate diagnostic solution for disease management and disease elimination is still a challenge. A new method might change the situation for the fight against malaria.