Refugees and Migrants Health

According to WHO the problems of refugees and migrants are similar to those of the rest of the population. The exposure of refugees and migrants to the risks associated with population movements increase their vulnerability to non-communicable diseases. At the same time Migrants often come from communities affected by war, conflict or economic crisis and undertake long, exhausting journeys that increase their risks for communicable diseases (WHO 2016. Migration and Health: Key Issues).

The listed items are CE-marked and comply with the strict requirements of the European IVD directive. Exceptions are clearly flagged.

Communicable diseases


TypeDescriptionProduct name / item
Rapid Screening testFor the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis LPS antigenHexagon Chlamydia
ELISAFor the quantitative detection of IgA or IgG antibodies against Chlamydia trachomatisChlamydia Trachomatis IgG and IgA


TypeDescriptionProduct name / item
Rapid Screening tests
  • For HBsAg and anti-HCV
  • For high sensitive antibody or antigen detection respectively
  • For diagnostic, monitoring and screening purposes


TypeDescriptionProduct name / item
Rapid Screening Test For HIV-1 and HIV-2Hexagon HIV 
  • For high sensitive antibody detection as well as state of the art 4th generation antigen and antibody detection.
  • For diagnostic and screening purposes.


TypeDescriptionProduct name / item
Rapid ScreeningFor the detection of Malaria in whole blood and serumHexagon Malaria
Molecular detection by isothermal amplification For specific and highly sensitive malaria diagnosis and screening in endemic areas (detection of Malaria in asymptomatic individuals), i.e within eradication programs. Detection of Malaria PAN and/or Plasmodium falciparum species.Closed system of reagents and instruments:
  • LoopampTM Malaria Pan Detection Kit* 
  • LoopampTM Malaria Pan/Pf Detection Kit*
  • LoopampTM PURE DNA Extraction Kit*
  • HumaLoop M
  • HumaTurb system 
AnemiaDetection and screening with cyanid-free recognized Hb reference method (alkaline hematin detergent)
For remote areas, at the point of care (POC) or in the laboratory.
HumaMeter Hbplus

* Exclusively distributed by HUMAN except for China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan


TypeDescriptionProduct name / item
Rapid Screening tests
  • Various formats: immunochromatographic, RPR and TPHA
Hexagon Syphilis, Syphilis RPR Test, Syphilis TPHA liquid
ELISAFor high sensitive antibody detection against Treponema pallidumSyphilis Screen ELISA

Tuberculosis (TB)

TypeDescriptionProduct name / item
Molecular detection by isothermal amplification  For remote laboratories and regions with poor infrastructure to replace smear microscopy. From level I to level IV labs.Closed system of reagents and instruments:
  • LoopampTM MTBC Detection Kit (exclusively* distributed by HUMAN)
  • LoopampTM PURE DNA Extraction Kit (exclusively* distributed by HUMAN)
  • HumaLoop T
  • HumaTurb system 

*excluding China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Non-communicable diseases