Service & Support for Sustainability in Healthcare

The name "HUMAN" stands for a well-managed and interlocked infrastructure of centralized and decentralized service and support capabilities. Thus, HUMAN satisfies the requirements of our professional end users and project partners, and significantly contributes to sustainability in healthcare. 

Comprehensive services conducted by HUMAN

Training facilities

Our training center is equipped with all HUMAN analyzers. NGO engineers and technical specialists can be trained in our facilities on request. Subjects of training measures offered are, amongst others, installation and preventive maintenance routine, applications and programming of assays, train the trainer.

Technical services

HUMAN technical service team specialized engineers will respond your most complex queries, support HUMAN regional offices and local partners upon request with the installation and training, as part of your project roll out on the field all over the world.

Application support

Focused on assay programming and applications in different diagnostic disciplines, the customer service department provides in-house and in-country consultations and trainings, even if the NGO or the end users are located in remote areas.

State-of-the-art customer relationship management (CRM)

All service calls will be answered in less than 24 hours after being addressed to HUMAN CRM System. HUMAN’s CRM fulfills the quality standards of ISO 13485 and 9001.

On-site services in cooperation with our local partners

Installation and training

If installation of the equipment is required after the equipment reaches its final destination, the coordination with our local partner will be established. A local service engineer trained and certified by HUMAN will carry out the installation of the systems and or instruments. A conformity report will be generated and sent to the customer and/or project partner.
Trainings in general are provided through our local partners during the installation of the instruments.
To support our local partners HUMAN's regional training facilities are equipped with a scope of most common instruments available. Located in Panama, Kenya, U.A.E., India, Singapore and China HUMAN regional training facilities ensure immediate response to more complex queries, reducing language and cultural barriers within the same time zone. 
The offered subjects of training include but are not restricted to installation, preventive maintenance routine, application and programming of assays as well as troubleshooting. 
Only after successful participation end users receive a training certification.

After sales service and preventive maintenance

HUMAN cooperates only with local partners who employ a sufficient number of service engineers. The service staff is trained to provide after sales service as well as preventive maintenance. With mandatory trainings on a regular basis HUMAN takes care of a high level of qualification.
We will be happy to assist you establishing an after sales service contract with our local partner.

Constant supply of reagents, consumables and spare parts

HUMAN takes care for a continued supply of necessary reagents and supportive material. A sufficient stock of reagents, consumables, spare parts for after sales services is ensured through our local partners.

Train-the-trainer concept enables our partners to provide local service and support