Urit-8021A or HumaStar 200: Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Comparison

Examine the features of Urit-8021A and HumaStar 200 to determine which one is most suitable for your laboratory's needs in terms of throughput, efficiency, and sustainability.

Model HumaStar 200 8021A
Throughput max. tests/h 200 200
Reagent positions 30 60
Reagent cooling independent from main power switch 24-hour non-stop cooling system to ensure reagent at 2-8°C
Sample positions 60 71
Sample barcode reader Internal -
Cuvettes 80 reusable 120 washable
Water consumption (l/h) < 2 l/h < 5 l/h

*All information is correct as of December 2023



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Choosing the right clinical chemistry analyzer is critical for laboratories looking to improve test efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. The HumaStar 200 and Urit-8021A stand out as major contenders, each offering innovative features to meet the evolving needs of modern laboratories. This article will take a closer look at their specifications and capabilities, and guide you to the optimal system for your lab's needs.


Efficiency in managing large workloads and delivering timely diagnostic results is paramount, especially for laboratories with high test volumes. Throughput is a key factor in achieving these goals.

  • HumaStar 200: Designed to process up to 200 tests per hour, the HumaStar 200 is ideal for mid-sized laboratories seeking reliable throughput for consistent daily test volumes.
  • Urit-8021A: Also capable of 200 tests per hour, the Urit-8021A matches the throughput of the HumaStar 200, making it suitable for laboratories with similar workload requirements.

Reagent Positions

The number of reagent positions significantly affects a lab's ability to offer a broad test menu without frequent reagent changes, increasing testing capacity and operational efficiency.

  • HumaStar 200: With 30 reagent positions, it's optimized for streamlined workflow and testing flexibility for labs focused on high-demand testing.
  • Urit-8021A: With 60 reagent positions, it offers greater flexibility and reduces the need for frequent reagent changes, ideal for laboratories performing a wide range of tests.

Reagent Cooling

Maintaining reagent stability is critical for accurate test results, especially for temperature-sensitive assays.

  • HumaStar 200: Provides reagent cooling independent of the main power switch, ensuring stable reagent temperatures for improved result reliability.
  • Urit-8021A: Provides 24-hour non-stop cooling, keeping reagents at an optimal 2-8℃, which is excellent for maintaining reagent integrity over extended periods of time.

Sample Positions

The number of sample positions has a direct impact on workflow efficiency and sample throughput, with higher capacity supporting smoother operation and reduced loading frequency.

  • HumaStar 200: Accommodates 60 samples, efficiently managing medium sample volumes to facilitate smooth testing processes.
  • Urit-8021A: Provides slightly more capacity with 71 sample positions, offering improved workflow efficiency for laboratories with higher sample throughput.

Sample Barcode Readers

Automating sample identification improves operational efficiency, accuracy and the overall testing process.

Both systems: Both systems include internal sample barcode readers that streamline workflow and minimize potential sample identification errors.


The choice of cuvette affects both the environmental footprint and the operational efficiency of the laboratory.

  • HumaStar 200: Uses 80 reusable cuvettes, emphasizing sustainability and reducing consumable waste.
  • Urit-8021A: With 120 washable cuvettes, it offers a greater capacity for testing before replacement is required, potentially reducing operating costs.

Water Consumption

Water consumption reflects the environmental impact and operational cost of an analyzer. Lower water usage indicates a more sustainable and cost-effective operation.

  • HumaStar 200: Consumes less than 2 liters per hour, demonstrating exceptional efficiency and a commitment to minimizing environmental impact.
  • Urit-8021A: Uses less than 5 liters per hour, indicating a higher consumption rate that may be a consideration for laboratories focused on sustainability.