Stago STA Satellite Max or HumaClot Pro: Which Automated Coagulation Analyzer To Choose?

Automated coagulation analyzers such as the HumaClot Pro and STA Satellite Max offer a range of features and specifications to help you determine the best fit for your laboratory's needs.

Company HUMAN Stago
Model HumaClot Pro STA Satellite Max
Photmeter 405nm, 570nm, 740nm 405nm, 540nm
Viscosity-Based Detection No Yes
Throughput max. tests/h 86 52
Sample positions 25 20
Reagent positions 15 16
Clotting Yes Yes
Chromogenic measurement Yes Yes
Immunologic measurement Yes Yes
D-dimer Yes Yes
Sample barcode reader Yes (Internal / Manual) Yes (Integrated)
STAT capability Yes (3 Pos) Yes

*All information is correct as of March 2024



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Selecting between the Stago STA Satellite Max and the HUMAN HumaClot Pro coagulation analyzers requires understanding each model’s capabilities and performance. Here's a detailed comparison:


Photometers are essential in coagulation analysis for accurately detecting and measuring clot formation.

The HumaClot Pro offers three wavelengths (405 nm, 570 nm, and 740 nm), providing greater flexibility in assays compared to the STA Satellite Max, which only has two wavelengths (405 nm and 540 nm).

Viscosity-based Detection

Viscosity-based detection is a technology that measures changes in fluid viscosity as a marker of clot formation, offering a sensitive method to detect and analyze coagulation properties.

The STA Satellite Max includes viscosity-based detection, which provides enhanced sensitivity in clot detection and analysis. This feature is absent in the HumaClot Pro, potentially making the STA Satellite Max more suitable for certain advanced diagnostic applications where such sensitivity is required.

Throughput max. tests/h

Throughput measures how many coagulation tests the analyzer can complete per hour, impacting efficiency and productivity.

The HumaClot Pro can process up to 86 tests per hour, significantly surpassing the STA Satellite Max’s 52 tests per hour, making the HumaClot Pro more suitable for high-volume testing.

Sample Positions

Sample positions determine how many samples the analyzer can process simultaneously, improving workflow efficiency.

The HumaClot Pro provides 25 sample positions compared to the STA Satellite Max’s 20, offering an advantage in handling larger batches.

Reagent Positions

Reagent positions indicate the analyzer's ability to store multiple reagents for diverse test menus.

The STA Satellite Max provides 16 reagent positions compared to the HumaClot Pro's 15, offering a slight advantage in reagent capacity.


Clotting tests assess the blood’s clotting ability, providing critical information for managing bleeding and clotting disorders.

Both analyzers support comprehensive clotting tests, making them ideal for coagulation diagnostics.

Chromogenic Measurement

Chromogenic measurements detect specific coagulation factors or inhibitors, giving detailed insights into coagulation function.

Both devices support chromogenic assays for a wide range of coagulation analysis.

Immunologic Measurement

Immunologic measurements detect antibodies and antigens related to coagulation disorders, aiding in diagnosis and management.

Both analyzers can perform immunologic tests, providing comprehensive diagnostic data.


D-dimer tests detect thrombotic disorders, helping rule out venous thromboembolism.

Both the HumaClot Pro and STA Satellite Max offer D-dimer testing capabilities.

Sample Barcode Reader

Barcode readers facilitate sample identification, minimizing the risk of errors in data management.

The HumaClot Pro uses an internal/manual barcode reader, while the STA Satellite Max integrates the reader into its system.

STAT Capability

STAT testing prioritizes urgent patient samples for immediate clinical decisions.

The HumaClot Pro has three STAT positions compared to the STA Satellite Max, which supports STAT testing but does not specify the exact positions.


Choosing between the HumaClot Pro and Stago STA Satellite Max depends on the specific needs of your laboratory. The HumaClot Pro offers higher throughput and photometric flexibility, while the STA Satellite Max provides more reagent positions and an integrated barcode reader. Evaluate your lab's throughput requirements, test range, and workflow needs to select the right coagulation analyzer.