Siemens  Sysmex CA 600 or HumaClot Pro: Which Automated Coagulation Analyzer To Choose?

Automated coagulation analyzers such as the HumaClot Pro and Sysmex CA 600 offer a range of features and specifications to help you determine the best fit for your laboratory's needs.

Company HUMAN Siemens
Model HumaClot Pro Sysmex CA 600
Throughput max. tests/h 86 60
Sample positions 25 10
Reagent positions 15 13
Cuvettes on board 32 60
Clotting Yes Yes
Chromogenic measurement Yes Yes
Immunologic measurement Yes Yes
D-dimer Yes Yes
STAT capability Yes (3 Pos) Yes (1 Pos)
High resolution screen Yes No
Printout External printer A4 Thermoprinter 55mm
Reagent Level Detection Yes No
Walk-Away-Time Display Yes No

*All information is correct as of March 2024



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Choosing between Siemens Sysmex CA 600 and HUMAN's HumaClot Pro coagulation analyzers requires understanding each model's capabilities. Here's a comprehensive comparison:

Throughput max. tests/h

This metric reflects the analyzer's efficiency in processing coagulation tests per hour. High throughput ensures timely results delivery in busy laboratories.

The HumaClot Pro can process up to 86 tests per hour, significantly surpassing the Siemens Sysmex CA 600's 60 tests per hour. The higher throughput makes the HumaClot Pro a better choice for high-volume testing.

Sample Positions

The number of sample positions determines how many samples can be handled concurrently, affecting the lab's ability to conduct batch testing.

The HumaClot Pro provides 25 sample positions compared to the Sysmex CA 600's 10 positions, giving the HumaClot Pro an edge in simultaneous sample handling.

Reagent Positions

The number of reagent positions indicates the variety of tests that can be run without frequent reagent changes.

The HumaClot Pro features 15 reagent positions, while the Sysmex CA 600 offers 13.

Cuvettes On Board

Onboard cuvettes store samples and reagents for uninterrupted testing, allowing longer test runs.

The Sysmex CA 600 provides 60 cuvettes on board, compared to the HumaClot Pro's 32.


Clotting tests assess the blood's ability to form clots and are crucial for diagnosing coagulation disorders.

Both analyzers support clotting tests, ensuring comprehensive assessment of hemostatic function.

Chromogenic Measurement

Chromogenic assays quantify specific coagulation factors, inhibitors, or markers, offering detailed insights into coagulation health.

Both devices support chromogenic measurements for comprehensive coagulation analysis.

Immunologic Measurement

Immunologic tests detect antibodies or antigens linked to coagulation disorders, guiding diagnosis and management.

Both analyzers support immunologic measurements, providing valuable diagnostic information.


D-dimer testing identifies thrombotic disorders, helping to rule out venous thromboembolism.

Both analyzers offer D-dimer testing capabilities for detecting thrombotic events.

STAT Capability

STAT testing prioritizes urgent samples for immediate clinical decisions, providing dedicated positions for fast processing.

The HumaClot Pro has three STAT positions compared to the Sysmex CA 600's single position, offering greater flexibility in prioritizing urgent tests.

High-Resolution Screen

A high-resolution screen enhances user interaction and data visualization, improving workflow efficiency.

The HumaClot Pro includes a high-resolution screen, whereas the Sysmex CA 600 lacks this feature.


The printout format affects the readability and accessibility of test results, impacting data analysis and reporting.

The HumaClot Pro uses an external A4 printer, while the Sysmex CA 600 relies on a smaller, 55mm thermal printer.

Reagent Level Detection

Reagent level detection ensures timely alerts for refills, reducing the risk of running out during testing.

The HumaClot Pro provides reagent level detection, while the Sysmex CA 600 lacks this feature.

Walk-Away-Time Display

A walk-away-time display shows the time remaining for the current testing cycle, enabling efficient workflow planning.

The HumaClot Pro includes a walk-away-time display, whereas the Sysmex CA 600 does not.


Choosing between the HumaClot Pro and Siemens Sysmex CA 600 coagulation analyzers involves considering your laboratory's specific needs. The HumaClot Pro excels in throughput, sample handling, and workflow features like reagent level detection and a high-resolution screen. Meanwhile, the Sysmex CA 600 may appeal to labs needing higher cuvette capacity.