Euroimmun Analyzer I or Elisys Quattro: Which ELISA Analyzer To Choose?

Automated ELISA analyzers such as the Elisys Quattro and Euroimmun Analyzer I offer a range of features and specifications to help you determine the best fit for your laboratory's needs.

Company HUMAN Euroimmun
Model Elisys Quattro Analyzer I
Analyzer type 4-plate fully automated ELISA analyzer 4-plates/ fully automated ELISA analyzer
Plate loading capacity Up to 7 plates/run 7 plates
Samples positions Up to 180 tubes Up to 180 samples
Reagent positions 60 positions on five reagent racks -
Internal barcode reader Sample ID, rack type Automated registration of sample tubes/reagent/with all conventional barcode types: import of QC data via 2D hand barcode scanner
Pipetting system 300 μl and 1100 μl carbon tips (conductive) Tips in 300 μL or 1100 μL volumes (conductive)
Number of tips Up to 5 tip racks for 300 μI, or 1100 μI disposable tips -
Onboard capacity tips 480 tips -
Computer External External
Interfaces R232 -
LIS R232, bi-directional, ASTM & free definable protocol ASTM or ASCII format

*All information is correct as of March 2024



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Choosing the right automated ELISA analyzer is crucial for enhancing laboratory efficiency and accuracy. This comparison between the HUMAN Elisys Quattro and the Euroimmun Analyzer I offers insights into their features and capabilities, helping you decide which fits best with your lab's demands.

Analyzer Type

Refers to the configuration and capability of the ELISA analyzer in handling multiple test plates simultaneously.

  • Elisys Quattro: A 4-plate fully automated ELISA analyzer designed to handle medium to high throughput efficiently.
  • Euroimmun Analyzer I: Similarly, a 4-plate fully automated system, geared towards providing robust performance in a range of laboratory settings.

Plate Loading Capacity

Indicates the maximum number of ELISA plates that can be loaded into the analyzer for processing in a single run.

  • Elisys Quattro: Supports up to 7 plates per run, maximizing testing throughput and reducing the need for frequent loading.
  • Euroimmun Analyzer I: Also allows up to 7 plates per run, ensuring that high-volume testing needs are met with similar efficiency.

Samples Positions

The total number of sample tubes that the analyzer can hold, which dictates the volume of samples that can be processed without reloading.

  • Elisys Quattro: Can accommodate up to 180 tubes, facilitating extensive testing without the need for constant reloading.
  • Euroimmun Analyzer I: Matches the Quattro’s capacity with up to 180 samples, making it equally capable in handling large batches of tests.

Reagent Positions

The number of separate reagent positions available on the analyzer, which affects the variety and volume of tests that can be run without needing to swap out reagents.

  • Elisys Quattro: Features 60 positions across five reagent racks, providing ample storage for reagents and reducing the frequency of changes.
  • Euroimmun Analyzer I: Does not specify the number of reagent positions, which might require clarification for labs needing extensive reagent variety.

Internal Barcode Reader

This feature automates the identification process of samples and reagents, enhancing workflow efficiency and accuracy.

  • Elisys Quattro: Includes a barcode reader that identifies sample ID and rack type, enhancing sample tracking and reducing errors.
  • Euroimmun Analyzer I: Offers automated registration of sample tubes and reagents with all conventional barcode types, plus it supports the import of QC data via a 2D hand barcode scanner, offering a slight edge in versatility.

Pipetting System

Pertains to the technology used for transferring liquids during the testing process, crucial for precision and handling efficiency.

  • Elisys Quattro: Utilizes 300 μl and 1100 μl conductive carbon tips, providing precise liquid handling.
  • Euroimmun Analyzer I: Similar tip volumes ensure precision but does not specify the tip material, which could affect performance nuances.

Number of Tips

The total capacity of disposable tips the analyzer can store, which impacts the duration of continuous operation without needing replenishment.

  • Elisys Quattro: Holds up to 5 tip racks, supporting both 300 μl and 1100 μl disposable tips, ensuring readiness for varied testing needs.
  • Euroimmun Analyzer I: The number of tip racks is not specified, potentially limiting its capability in prolonged testing sessions without resupply.

Onboard Capacity for Tips

Reflects the total number of tips that can be held by the analyzer, important for sustained operational capacity.

  • Elisys Quattro: Can store up to 480 tips, minimizing operational interruptions for tip replacements.
  • Euroimmun Analyzer I: No information on tip capacity could be a disadvantage for labs looking to maximize uninterrupted operational time.

Computer and Interfaces

  • Short Description: The systems and hardware that control the analyzer and facilitate data exchange with other lab systems.
  • Both analyzers: Use an external computer system, with the Elisys Quattro supporting an RS232 interface and the Euroimmun Analyzer I’s interface specifics not listed.

Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Refers to the compatibility and integration of the analyzer with existing laboratory information systems for data management.

  • Elisys Quattro: Offers Ethernet connectivity and supports both bi-directional ASTM and freely definable protocols, enhancing its integration capabilities.
  • Euroimmun Analyzer I: Supports ASTM or ASCII formats, providing robust but potentially less flexible data integration options.


Choosing between the HUMAN Elisys Quattro and the Euroimmun Analyzer I depends on your lab's specific requirements. Both analyzers offer robust features for automated ELISA processing. The Elisys Quattro excels with its versatile reagent positions and advanced integration capabilities, making it ideal for labs needing extensive and varied testing with efficient data management. The Euroimmun Analyzer I, with its superior barcode scanning and QC data management, could be the better choice for environments where sample tracking accuracy is critical. Consider the unique demands of your workflow to select the analyzer that best aligns with your laboratory's needs.