Erba XL-300 or HumaStar 300SR - which clinical chemistry system to choose?

The choice between HumaStar 300SR or Erba XL-300 clinical chemistry analyzers depends on various factors and your specific needs. To determine which one is better for your situation, you should consider the following:

Company HUMAN Erba
Model HumaStar 300SR XL-300

Throughput max. tests/h

300 300
Reagent positions 40 50
Reagent cooling 13°C below RT Yes
Sample positions 60 50
Sample barcode reader Internal Yes
Cuvettes 80 re-usable Bionex 60 permanent
Water consumption (l/h) < 3 8

* All information is correct as of December 2023



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  • Erba XL-300: With a throughput of 300 tests per hour, the Erba XL-300 is well-suited for laboratories with varying sample volumes, ensuring efficient sample processing in high-volume testing environments.

  • HumaStar 300SR: The HumaStar 300SR also offers a maximum throughput of 300 tests per hour, making it suitable for labs with diverse testing needs.

Reagent Positions:

  • Erba XL-300: Providing 50 reagent positions, the Erba XL-300 allows for a broad range of tests to be run concurrently, reducing the need for frequent reagent changes.

  • HumaStar 300SR: With 40 reagent positions, the HumaStar 300SR still offers flexibility in testing, although it has fewer positions compared to the Erba XL-300.

Reagent Cooling:

  • Erba XL-300: Equipped with reagent cooling, the Erba XL-300 ensures stable temperatures for reagents, preserving their integrity and contributing to accurate test results.

  • HumaStar 300SR: The HumaStar 300SR maintains reagents at 13°C below room temperature for stability, ensuring accurate and consistent test results.

Sample Positions:

  • Erba XL-300: Offering 50 sample positions, the Erba XL-300 is suitable for labs with varying sample volumes, minimizing the risk of sample backlogs and ensuring timely testing.

  • HumaStar 300SR: With a larger sample capacity of 60 positions, the HumaStar 300SR provides additional flexibility for labs with higher sample volumes.

Sample Barcode Reader:

  • Erba XL-300: Equipped with a sample barcode reader, the Erba XL-300 enhances sample tracking accuracy, reducing the risk of errors in sample identification.

  • HumaStar 300SR: The HumaStar 300SR comes with an internal sample barcode reader, contributing to accurate sample identification.


  • Erba XL-300: Using 60 permanent cuvettes, the Erba XL-300 offers a reusable option for cost efficiency, although the permanent nature may have maintenance considerations.

  • HumaStar 300SR: Utilizing 80 re-usable Bionex cuvettes, the HumaStar 300SR provides a larger cuvette capacity, potentially reducing the frequency of cuvette replacements and offering flexibility in testing.

Water Consumption:

  • Erba XL-300: The Erba XL-300 has a water consumption rate of 8 liters per hour, which should be considered for cost-effectiveness and environmental impact.

  • HumaStar 300SR: With a lower water consumption rate of less than 3 liters per hour, the HumaStar 300SR is more water-efficient, contributing to operational cost efficiency and environmental sustainability.


  • Flexibility in Testing: The Erba XL-300 offers more reagent positions, providing greater flexibility for labs with diverse testing needs. The HumaStar 300SR offers a higher sample capacity.

  • Temperature Control: Both analyzers have reagent cooling features to maintain stable temperatures for accurate test results.

  • Sample Tracking: Both analyzers are equipped with sample barcode readers, contributing to accurate sample tracking and reducing the risk of errors in sample identification.

  • Cuvettes: Laboratories need to consider the type and capacity of cuvettes based on their preferences and cost considerations.

  • Water Consumption: Lower water consumption rates contribute to operational cost efficiency and environmental sustainability. The HumaStar 300SR has a notably lower water consumption rate.