HUMAN enters the Field of Molecular Diagnostics: System for Decentralized Viral Load Testing launched

Thanks to its sensitivity and specificity Molecular Diagnostics is playing an increasing role in the diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases. Promoted by new guidelines and recommendations of WHO and other global health organizations, the demand for Molecular Diagnostics even in rural areas will rise over the next decade.

Due to its experience in these remote markets for many years HUMAN now offers a unique quantitative real-time PCR system for decentralized viral load testing tailored to low up to medium sample load in decentralized environments.

The open platform solution provides the entire workflow from sample preparation to result analysis.
The system consists of DNA/RNA isolation kits, real-time PCR assays for the quantification of HIV-1, Hepatitis A and B and CMV in human EDTA-plasma and serum samples and the real-time instrument HumaCycler.

A maximum of flexibility and cost efficiency as well as easy handling are one of the key advantages of the solution. Furthermore, HUMAN’s quantitative real-time PCR system meets the market demand by:

Cost certainty: Open platform system

  • Assays are as well validated for the most common used cyclers
  • Cycler can be used for all real-time PCR assays using the same fluorescent dyes

Tailored to the needs of handling small up to medium sample throughput

  • Flexible and robust manual extraction
  • Validated for EDTA-plasma and serum samples
  • Minimum instrument maintenance required

Adaptable to  

  • Any throughput
  • Any parameter menu
  • Any business approach (e.g. diagnostics, research etc.)

All parts of the HUMAN quantitative real-time PCR system are CE IVD certified.

For more information please refer to the product sections

**e.g. WHO: Guideline on when to start antiretroviral therapy and on pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV