Hema Diagnostics Laboratory Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Hema Diagnostic Lab is the first and the only (as of Nov 2014) privately owned diagnostic laboratory certified by ENAO...

... (Ethiopian National Accreditation Office) according to ISO 15189.

The road to this success started a couple of years ago. Beside others, the trustful and fruitful partnership between Hema Labs and Mesroy, HUMAN’s long-term distribution and service partner in Ethiopia, resulted in laboratory diagnostics of highest quality. According to the needs of Hema Mesroy furnished and supported its client to establish a successful and reliable service to hospitals and doctors. The modern, state of the art operating laboratory can count on its partner.

A fast and reliable support in any situation together with products of high quality is what a lab of the size and business focus of Hema needs and Mesroy can deliver it together with HUMAN.

After having been accredited, Hema looks out for another business goal: prepare lab and employees to offer autoimmune diagnostics as a further service to their customers. As partners: Mesroy and the HUMAN Imtec product range.

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