HUMAN's Satellite Symposium: TB-LAMP in practice - From active case finding to routine diagnostic

HUMAN Wiesbaden - Alongside being present at the 49th Union World Conference on Lung Health (booth # 54 - 55), HUMAN will host a symposium on October 25th next to the Conference center in The Hague.

Attendees will gain insights into the results of a pilot study for active case finding, which points out the advantages of TB-LAMP and will benefit additionally from the experience of a successful implementation of TB-LAMP in West Africa.

Themes will include an introduction to the innovative technology and application of TB-LAMP at the symposium where experts from HUMAN and Eiken Chemical will talk about. 

HUMAN is also very happy to have Mr. Eddie Samuneti Solo in The Hague who will present his pilot study which is all about the active case finding by the TB-LAMP method, comparing smear microscopy with the TB-LAMP method. 

Eddie Solo is a researcher and a deputy laboratory manager at a tuberculosis reference laboratory in Lusaka, Zambia. He coordinated as senior biomedical scientist the collaborative study between Ministry of Health of Zambia and Eiken Co., LTD. to evaluate the performance of PURE-TB-LAMP diagnostic tool in Lusaka, Zambia in 2018. He collaborates with Hokkaido University of Japan in the determination of drug resistance associated mechanisms for Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and genotyping.








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Afterwards Dr. Valerie Flore Donkeng Donfack will present the implementation of TB-LAMP in Cameroon for routine diagnostics.

Dr. Valerie Donkeng is a microbiologist and works as a researcher at the National Reference Laboratory for Tuberculosis (NRL-TB), Centre Pasteur du Cameroun. She has a key role in the technical, scientific and administrative management of the laboratory and provides continuous assistance to the National TB Program (NTP) on the implementation of Loopamp™ MTBC. She has good experience on use of Loopamp™ MTBC for TB diagnosis. Her recently published article “Comparative study of Loopamp™ Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Kit for Rapid Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in Cameroon” describes the study that Dr. Valerie Donkeng conducted in 2014 and whose results contributed to the WHO recommendation of TB-LAMP in 2016.

After these lectures there will be enough time for all attendees to clear open questions.