Mission & Vision

HUMAN is one of the global players in the in vitro diagnostics industry.

Our mission is to provide a broad and growing range of products of outstanding quality for laboratory diagnostics worldwide at competitive prices. Through our extensive sales and service network in more than 160 countries, we offer individualized support for customers and users of our products in meeting their daily challenges and realizing long-term goals. We have been helping to improve health care services in many parts of the world for almost 50 years and we will continue to do so as part of our self-commitment.

Our actions are geared foremost to the needs and wishes of our customers, healthcare institutions and their patients. We are a modern, responsible company and are committed to advancing the goals of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

As an international corporation, we are open to all cultures and religions while remaining committed to production in Germany, where we will continue to develop and produce the majority of our high quality products.

Motivated and qualified staff members are the key to our success while personal appreciation and transparency are fundemental principles that make up the culture of our company. Together we aim to become one of the most attractive, middle-class employers and a pioneer for the sustainability in our branch.