Ralph Neuberger

Managing Director

“Cycling is – aside HUMAN – my passion. Training endurance, setting goals and achieving them, going to one’s limit, that’s why I love cycling. And that’s what helps me doing a good job.”

  • Responsible Sales Manager Brazil, Russia, China, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia
  • Joined HUMAN in 2002
  • Prior position @ HUMAN: Head of Sales

Christian Becker

Vice President Sales

“Eating together is the easiest way to start real communication. And it's the best way to come close to other cultures, an important aspect to succeed in my job. Lucky me that cooking and eating are my favorite hobbies!”

  • Departments: International Sales, International Sales Administration
  • Started working for HUMAN in June 2011

Dr. Torsten Börchers

 Vice President Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

“Sailing clears my mind. There is nothing better than feeling the power of nature. What links sailing with my job is the need to cope with the unpredictable, take over responsibility and mind the rules and principles.”

  • Departments: Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control, Quality Management, Documentation & Translation, Environmental Management
  • With HUMAN since 2009

Oliver Gilberz

Vice President Operations

“Gardening to me is more than just a pastime. It’s about care, planning, handcraft and beauty. These aspects lead me as well doing my job for HUMAN. And being outside to me is a perfect compensation.”

  • Departments: Export Logistics, Operations Development, Service for Instruments & Reagents, Warehouse, Facility Management, IT, Procurement
  • Working for HUMAN since 2008

Farima Habibi

Vice President Human Resources

"Raised up with the Persian and the German culture, left me open minded to people of any heritage. Bringing together different cultures, establishing an open minded HUMAN culture – that’s what drives me every day.“

  • Department: Human Resources
  • With HUMAN since 1996

Diana Göser

Vice President Finance

“Mountains are the most fascinating places for me. In summer and in winter they are the best place to relax and gather new energy. They teach you being flexible as weather conditions are changing faster than anything else in life. You have to be 100% concentrated when passing very narrow paths by foot or with skis. This is a significant parallel to the work in Finance positions.”

  • Departments: Finance Accounting, Finance Controlling
  • Joined HUMAN in 2018

Jürgen Keller

Vice President Manufacturing Site

“Discovering nature together with my family and friends while hiking: that always gives me new strength. Nature inspires me and I am able to create new ideas for improving our products.”

  • Departments: Production, Development, Administration
  • With HUMAN since 2018

Dr. Petra Rehberger

Vice President Marketing & Strategic Purchase

"The experience of other cultures and the associated journeys to distant lands are a great experience for me. This allows me to bring my knowledge of dealing with different cultural requirements to HUMAN very well."

  • Departments: Product Management, Strategic Purchase, Technical Documentation, Marketing Communications
  • Joined HUMAN in 2016