Journey through the time

1970s – How it all began …

HUMAN DE was founded as “Human Gesellschaft für Biotopanalytik und Biotopschutz mbH” as daughter company of the German traditional and renowned food and environmental Institute Fresenius in Taunusstein/Hessen near Wiesbaden.

1976: Development and production of first fully patented enzymatic uric acid test (ALDH-method),
of first triglycerid-colour test without sample blank in Europe and of the first monoreagent ASL-test

1980s – Expansion of product range and sales regions

982: Foundation of an OEM manufacturing site in Ireland for HUMAN Germany and several
other in vitro diagnostic companies, among them Olympus. Emphasis of production on Clinical Chemistry, Control Sera, Rapid Tests and ELISA-from a wide range of raw-materials to the final labeled product.

1985: HUMAN Germany sells its first “HCG Quick stick” home pregnancy test.

1987: HUMAN Germany delivers IVD reagents produced in Ireland into more than 45 countries.

1988: HUMAN Germany establishes ELISA tests in the product portfolio

1990s – New headquarters in Wiesbaden & launch of first instruments

HUMAN Germany launches its first instrument

Introduction of the laboratory line and coagulation to increase the offering to our partners

Move of the Headquarters from Taunusstein to Wiesbaden

2000s – New production site & expansion into 160 countries

Opening of the Production Site in Magdeburg to fulfill the increasing demand on HUMAN reagents 

2004: German Dr. Schmidt Beteiligungs GmbH (since 2019: olicoo GmbH) acquires HUMAN.
Imtec Immundiagnostica GmbH, specialist in autoimmune diagnostics becomes daughter company
of HUMAN. With this step HUMAN Germany gains access to one of the fastest growing segments
in the IVD technology area. HUMAN Germany already offers more than 300 products covering
almost the entire range of IVD and is active in more than 160 countries.

2007 - 2008: Foundation of
HUMAN Diagnostics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Singapore
HUMAN Diagnostics Middle East (FZE), United Arab Emirates

2009: Opening of the HUMAN China Regional Office in Beijing.
Extension of the Headquarters in Wiesbaden including significant investment in sustainable energy generation. 

2010s – Expansion of business offices & own brand device design

2012: Foundation of HUMAN Diagnostics Latin America S. A., Panama Pacifico.
Presentation of HUMAN Instrument Design for higher recognition of the HUMAN brand.

2013: HUMAN Germany acquires LABiTec. With this strategic move HUMAN strengthens its internal technological competence for the development and production of diagnostic coagulation analyzers and expands its offer for new customer segments.

2014: Opening of the HUMAN Office in India.

2016: Foundation of HUMAN Diagnostics Products (Beijing) Co., Ltd., China.
HUMAN Germany concludes worldwide exclusive distribution agreement with Japanese Technology
firm EIKEN Chemicals and FIND for their WHO recommended and groundbreaking LAMP technology
platform for the detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex and Malaria pan and PF subspecies.

2020s – HUMAN: Global player, local solutions, individual support

HUMAN Germany offers now more than 400 IVD Products out of 12 different IVD disciplines

  • 160 reliable partners around the world
  • 6 regional and country offices in Singapore, China, India, Panama, United Arab Emirates, Kenya
  • 3 Germany based offices