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Multi Parameter System

HumaSensplus is HUMAN´s great little sensation, offering supreme performance in a hand-held instrument. It combines the efficiency and performance characteristics of the HumaSens glucose monitoring system with unprecedented speed and versatility of additional total cholesterol and uric acid measurement. This results in a handy lab-in-your-palm for risk and acute markers.

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HumaSens plus

HumaSens Plus
Multi-Monitoring System
  • Measures Glucose, Uric Acid, Total Cholesterol
  • Stores 360 glucose results + 50 uric acid results + 50 total cholesterol results
  • Uses only 1 µl whole blood sample (glucose, uric acid) or 10 µl (total cholesterol)
  • Starter pack with 10 glucose test strips
  • Comprehensive PC data monitoring software available

Multi-Monitoring System
REF 17541
Glucose test strips
2 x 25 pcs.
REF 17542/25
Glucose control solution normal
2 x 4 ml
REF 17545
Baterry set
2 pcs.
REF 17548
PC connector cable
1 pc.
REF 17549
Patient diary
10 pcs.
REF 17540/100
Uric Acid test strips
2 x 25 pcs.
REF 17546
Total Cholesterol test strips
2 x 10 pcs.
REF 17547
Uric Acid control solution normal
2 x 2 ml
REF 17546/10
Total Cholesterol control solution normal
2 x 1.5 ml
REF 17547/10
PC monitoring software for multi-monitoring system data
1 pc.
REF 17551

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