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Pipettes - HumaPette Smart-Line

HumaPette Smart-Line: Reliability in your Hand
Pipetting is often the largest source of errors in the lab. Having confidence in your measurements is a key to good science and results.
The HumaPette Smart-Line fulfils all requirements of high quality at a superior price / performance ratio. If you need state-of-the-art, ergonomically designed and highly accurate pipettes, then the HumaPette Smart-Line is your perfect option!

Fulfils all criteria of a good pipette

  • Convenient plunger position
  • Low force to push plunger
  • Easy set and read display
  • Feedback from button operation
  • Simple calibration

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HumaPette Smart-Line Fixed

HumaPette Smart-Line
The economic alternative - general purpose pipette
  • Leightweight ergonomic design
  • Easy to calibrate and maintain
  • Partly autoclavable

Fixed volume pipettes
5 µl
REF 19500L
Fixed volume pipettes
10 µl
REF 19505L
Fixed volume pipettes
20 µl
REF 19510L
Fixed volume pipettes
25 µl
REF 19515L
Fixed volume pipettes
50 µl
REF 19520L
Fixed volume pipettes
100 µl
REF 19525L
Fixed volume pipettes
200 µl
REF 19530L
Fixed volume pipettes
250 µl
REF 19535L
Fixed volume pipettes
500 µl
REF 19540L
Fixed volume pipettes
1000 µl
REF 19545L

HumaPette Smart-Line Adjustable

HumaPette Smart-Line
  • Digital adjustable pipette
  • Easy set and read display

Adjustable pipettes
0.5-10 µl
REF 19110L
Adjustable pipettes
5-50 µl
REF 19120L
Adjustable pipettes
10-100 µl
REF 19125L
Adjustable pipettes
20-200 µl
REF 19130L
Adjustable pipettes
100-1000 µl
REF 19140L
Adjustable pipettes
1000-5000 µl
REF 19150L

HumaPette Linear

HumaPette Linear Stand
  • For HumaPette Smart Line
  • For HumaPette Premium Line

For HumaPette, HumaPette Smart-Line and HumaPette Premium Line
REF 19160L

Pipette Tips

"crystal" for 0.5 - 20 µl
1 x 1000 tips
REF 19320/20
"yellow" for 2 - 200 µl
10 X 1000 tips
REF 19910/20
"blue" for 50 - 1000 µl
10 x 500 tips
REF 19920/40
"white" for 0.5 - 5 ml
200 tips/bag
REF 19150/10

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